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Here come the Baer -gs!

If you are a Baylor Bear you know the sound when the band plays … “here come the Bears!”  And on Saturday, the Baylor Baergs got to see the Baylor Bears play in the new Cowboy stadium.  And, although we didn’t win, the Bears showed up!!!

Between Bill and myself we’ve been to three Baylor games this year and that has to be a post graduation record.  Other than beating the Aggies one year and watching the goal posts be torn down afterwards, this was probably the most exciting Baylor game I’d ever seen.  Maybe only a Baylor Bear can enjoy an “almost win” or an “we were ahead for over half the game” experience, but people, the Bears hung in there and it wasn’t decided until the last 30 or so seconds.

In some ways I almost thought it felt more like a kick in the gut to get that close and then not seal the deal, but on the other hand…I was so proud of the Bears for making it a game that I got over that pretty quickly.

And the stadium?!?  MY GOODNESS it’s nice.  It was completely sold out and I don’t know if people wanted to see the game or the stadium, but they were both impressive.

Upon arrival I apparently was the only one with any Baylor spirit.  Sic ’em!

There are only two entrances into the stadium … one on either end of the field.  It totally worked.  In fact, Jacob couldn’t run towards the entrance fast enough…

This shot is pretty ironic seeing how just one day earlier Jacob had been in the emergency room complaining of a broken foot as a result of a karate chop gone bad.  (He kicked a board on a chair at my parents house and wouldn’t walk on it AT ALL the next day.)  The dr. gave Jacob a boot and told him it was deeply bruised and if it didn’t improve by Monday to go back to the dr.   It was perfectly healed 24 hours later.  I will look at this picture as I pay the probably 8 bills we’ll get for that little visit.

Anywho … back to the game.

Baylor was ahead all the way until the 3rd quarter!!

Touchdown Baylor!!!

I blame the crazy look on the fact that Baylor fans don’t get a lot to cheer for on most occasions.

We all enjoyed the game:

(please note, I think Jacob is praying for the Bears in this picture…I know he wasn’t sleeping!)

These two especially enjoyed the game because they bought nachos with some “stadium money” that their Grammy had thoughtfully given them!

If Baylor had scored on the last drive, it would have tied up the game and we would have gone into overtime.  Unfortunately the Red Raiders stopped us right on the goal line with just a few seconds left to play.

But, like I said … win or lose …. we still had a good time.

And we even got a free hat!

So the game wasn’t a total loss!  Way to go Bears!!

Looking forward to next year!!