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Favorite "toy"

Jacob absolutely loves going to Arkansas in the fall so he can rake leaves.  Give him a rake and he’s content for quite some time.

Give him a leaf blower for even more entertainment!!

Blow and rake the leaves into a big pile, grab Daddy … and Jacob has PILES of fun!

The girls found it more entertaining to play with a real-live baby doll … their cousin Addison.

The “toys” at Grammy and Grandy’s house couldn’t be beat!!!

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Deanne - Dec 2, 2009

Send Jacob to Natchez. We have all the requirements for fun - including the leaf blower!

Looks like fun!

Amanda - Dec 2, 2009

Sounds like your kids need to hang out at my house in the fall! he he

Cute pictures… such adorable children!

I am just figuring out twitter, so I just started following you today, sorry I took so long! :)


Laura - Dec 3, 2009

Cute pictures, I agree your son is welcome to my house any day to rake leaves! :)

Anonymous - Dec 3, 2009

And the kids are our toys….!!!!!