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Howdy New York

I was so glad to be traveling with Caroline for many reasons.  One was that I hope she gets to travel more in her future and I want her to be prepared … to know how to ride subways, find departure gates, learn that room service is far too expensive … things like that.

Right before we left she said … “mom, I can’t wait until tomorrow morning.  I’m going to open the window and say ‘Howdy New York”!   And that made me laugh … mostly because I’m pretty sure they don’t say “howdy” in New York.

Since New York is kind of a nighttime town and we’re kind of night time gals, we slept in on Thursday and Friday.  Sleeping in is very popular with the teenage crowd … and this mama didn’t mind a bit either.

Once we got going it was well after noon and we needed lunch.  We walked quite a ways thinking we would have lunch at Serendipity.   We did a little street shopping - purchasing hats and gloves that we wore throughout our trip.  When we got to Serendipity they said it was an hour and a half wait.  Seeing how we were starving we decided to put our name on the list, lunch elsewhere and then come back for dessert.  It was a BRILLIANT plan.  We crossed the street and went to Patsy’s Pizzeria which is a coal oven pizza place.  OH, the reminders of Italy were everywhere…especially when I ordered my prosciutto topped pizza.  It was DELICIOUS. Caroline got cheese … clearly a trip to Italy one day will be good for her.

We totally saved room for dessert because Serendity was beckoning.  When we went back it was exactly the time for us to be seated.  I absolutely LOVED the decorations at Serendipity.

But what I loved more was the dessert.  We discovered frozen hot chocolate.  And we declared it good.  Very, very good.

Good to the very last drop.

When we left we were beyond full but took a quick peek into Dylan’s candy bar.  Dylan is Ralph Lauren’s daughter and he gave her the shop for her birthday one year (nice!).  There are only four other Dylan’s in America one being in Houston and Caroline had celebrated her 10th birthday there.  It’s a GREAT place.

 We were honestly so stuffed we couldn’t even enjoy their samples.  But it was fun to look.

Just across the street was Bloomingdales so we went in for a quick peek.  On our way out they said … “Bobbie Brown will be at the make up counter in five minutes.”  Like, THE Bobbie Brown who designed the make up.  So we went.

When we got there they said … “would you like a make over?”  Well, duh.  So they did our make up and minutes later Bobbie Brown and Lauren Bush came out to promote a charitable project they are working on together.

When they finished THE Bobbie Brown came over and inspected our finished looks.  I mean really?!?  Caroline’s first makeover and Bobbie Brown was telling her how gorgeous she is … and her photographer even took our picture.  Very cool.


After a glam session a girl needs a little glitz.

Next up … Tiffany’s.

From Tiffany’s we walked … no ran towards Broadway.  We needed to run … we were still stuffed!  We got in the stand by line for tickets to Wicked.  We were the last two to get in before the show began.  The show was amazing.  The funniest part was when we went out at intermission and Caroline said … “so, that’s it?”

See what I mean … she needed some more exposure to the world. She’s been to plenty of shows and knows what an intermission is, I think being in New York just threw her a little off her game.  We enjoyed the second half of the show as much as the first…maybe more.

All that culture caused us to work up a little bit of an appetite so we stopped at Ruby Foo’s in Times Square on the way home and got take out.  We ate it in our hotel room and pretended it was room service.

I promise this day almost seemed like the script to a movie.

A movie deserving of an Oscar.

It was that great.