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A little of this, a little of that ...

This week has FLOWN.

It was the first week of my spring semester at HBU, my internet and cell phone went down one day (s-t-r-e-s-s-f-u-l) AND I had to go to a meeting for parents of incoming high school freshman.

HELLO, did you hear me?!?  Incoming high school freshman?!?  Which is so very strange because I’m pretty sure it was not that long ago I was taking my incoming freshman to the blue barn fun farm.

It has also kind of been sports center around here.  Last weekend Brittany had a gymnastics meet on Friday in Katy, TX.  She placed 2nd overall in her level/age division for floor and 5th for vault.  Saturday our four kids had a total of five basketball games (Caroline had a double header), the older two girls ran the basketball scoreboard for the league all day Saturday and on Sunday Caroline had a volleyball tournament.  That was a lot of sports in 48 hours.

A whole lot of sports.

Speaking of sports, I think I am officially fired from being the team mom for Savannah’s basketball team.  Bill is the coach and he emailed me yesterday saying … “can you let the team know there is no water in the gym?".  I emailed the team and said …“water is not allowed in the gym so please don’t bring water bottles to the game.  The girls can use the water fountain.”  Just before the game Bill told Savannah to get her water bottle which I thought they couldn’t have.  Turns out Bill meant there was no water in the gym (which is exactly what he said).  A pipe had burst and so they were requesting everyone to bring water bottles.  And to think that I teach communication for a living!  Lucky for me (and the girls!), I had a pack of water bottles in the Suburban.

To try and provide some balance to all things sports, the younger three went to church choir Wednesday night.  Jacob is not a huge fan of choir.  He does like Mission Friends which is after choir … because they make arts and crafts there.  But choir, not so much.

Last week however Jacob got the “Super Singer” award.  They give one child the award every week until they have all received it.  They get a bag of candy and small toys and they all think it’s a pretty big deal.  So when Jacob began to fuss that I was making him go to choir on Wednesday, I said .. “but Jacob, you just won Super Singer.”

Without skipping a beat he replied …. “yeah, and you can only win it ONCE.”

Made me laugh - but he still had to go.

I have some posts ready to share with a little more Christmas and some recipes, but … for a few long days this week, we thought we lost a lot of our Christmas pictures.  In a happy turn of events, Bill remembered they were on a memory card that we had put away … whew.  So stay posted  … some fun stuff coming up.

And just to keep in the Christmas theme, I want to share some pictures of our tree.  Mostly so I won’t ever forget it because it was my most favorite tree ever.  The kids and I bought it at Lowe’s in all of about 3 minutes … it was freezing and we asked if we could buy one of the display trees.  My sister (the decorator) added ribbon to the tree when she was in town.  She will have to come back if I am ever to have a tree that pretty again. I couldn’t even begin to do what she does.  I bought different size ball ornaments in a set at Costco and then ordered “picks” for the tree from Mrs. Cayce’s Christmas Store.    I really thought it was perfect except that it needed a star.  Next thing I knew, Savannah made a three dimensional star that she put on top of the tree and I LOVED it.

Lastly, my heart has also been so heavy for the people in Haiti this week.  I can barely watch the news.  The devastation there is overwhelming.  Please pray for the people of Haiti and for all those who are helping them.