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Against my better judgement ...

If you are a long time reader you may remember the face plant disaster of 2008.  At that time I said goodbye forever to sledding.  Except that I really didn’t because 2009 came and we went back to Minnesota. There was a lot of snow and my kids love to sled. So, we loaded up and headed to a sledding hill.

I just watched this time, you know the whole “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice …shame on me” thing.

They had a good time …

I was so excited because our niece went with us.  She is so funny and quite the daredevil.  She and Savannah had a wonderful time together.

Afterwards we went back to Grandma’s for hot chocolate.

So warm and cozy … coming home and drinking hot chocolate is my favorite part of sledding.

But you know what they say …  there are always bigger hills to climb …

or sled … or something like that.  And so a day or two later, we went here with one of Bill’s closest friends, Eric and his family (I’m sorry I don’t have pictures of them … he took these pictures and emailed them to me):

And did this:



It was like the magic carpet ride at the state fair … only instead of carpet we had inner tubes.

I never could decide if the emergency snowmobile sitting off to the side of the hill was a good thing or bad.

Lucky for me, this year I didn’t need it!