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Just so you know I'm not making it up ...

Today the finish line videos were posted.  The video is all of about 30 seconds long.  Look for Bill and I coming from the back.  If you look for two blue shirts (they say Team El Paso only I called us “the blue team” like on Biggest Loser).  You’ll see my hands go into the air and you’ll hear me whoo hoo-ing.

I think I was kind of loud.

Then you’ll see us kiss.

That’s what they do on the biggest loser.  Plus, that’s the way I think you should end a big race like that.  And luckily, Bill does too.

One last … and kind of funny thing about the race.  Every mile of the race is marked.  With a big giant banner.  Somehow we missed a banner and so the two miles we ran seemed like a very, very long mile.  And so Bill kept saying … “think about the shirt.  Do it for the shirt.”

Because he knows I’ll run a long way for a free shirt.

13.1 miles to be exact.

And then when they gave it to me, it wasn’t that cute.  It’s o.k. but I wanted it to be really cute.  Bill says it doesn’t matter if it is cute, it matters that it says FINISHER.

Point well taken.

Now… if you have nothing better to do, this is kind of fun to watch.

It proves I wasn’t making it up.

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Deb - Jan 3, 2010

So, not that I didn’t believe you but I did watch! Really, it is so cool. Despite my diagnosis of “seriously not normal” I am very jealous. I just don’t understand how you could possibly do such a thing with ZERO training!

Deanne - Jan 3, 2010

Very cool! I had a similar reaction the first 5K I walked. Can’t imagine running 13.1 miles! Awesome that you did it and you have a pretty neat memento (the video, not the shirt)