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Karate Kid

Jacob has been asking for quite some time to do karate.  There was a taekwondo place offering a one month trial class so we signed up.  I have no idea what the difference between taekwondo and karate is but they have the same uniform (I’ve been told to stop calling it an “outfit”!) so I figure tae kwon do will work for us just fine.

Bill had Monday off so we decided he would start that day so Bill could take him and watch.  I stopped by on my way home and snapped a quick picture on my phone.  All those little boys lined up yelling “yes sir” and “hi ya” was SO cute.

The class is 40 minutes long, three days a week.  I took Jacob back for his second class today.  He said he wasn’t going.  No way.  I asked why and he said … “because you have to bow when you walk in and that’s weird.”

After reminding him that this is where you learn how to break a board with your foot, he went on inside.  Judging from the way he kicked, he wants to break a board pretty soon.

The “master” told him that if he kept up with karate he’d be a black belt by third grade.  To this, Jacob turned to Savannah (who is in third grade) and said … “COOL, Savannah! You’re already a black belt!”

He happily posed for a few pics for me today:

I saw the movie Karate Kid (1984) three times in the theater - a personal record.  I know that in June a new, updated version is coming out.  I’ll have to see this one too.

And I’ll take my own little Karate Kid with me.

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Anonymous - Jan 4, 2010

That is so cute!! His comments are so refreshing. Love you, Jacob.

Katie - Jan 5, 2010

Darla, Wesley takes TKD there at KMA too and DID get his first black belt by 3rd grade! He’s now working on his second degree black belt and will test for it on the 29th. Tell Jacob it’s a lot of hard work, but it is SO much fun and so impressive. Keep it up Jacob!

Beth - Jan 1, 2010

Yea, I LOVE the discipline and individuality that comes with karate. Ben’s a green belt (testing for a blue belt in Feb.) & LOVES it!!! It really has seemed to help with his concentration and ability to focus. He had issues with the bowing thing too, but Simpei explained that it was not a “worship” kind of bow, but a sign of respect. :) Ben’s favorite part, I think, is getting to yell (It’s called kee-I although I don’t know the correct spelling), without getting in trouble!