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Wild Thing ...

You make my heart sing.

You make everything … so warm!

First of all, I must say … the internet is a wondrous thing.  So wondrous in fact that … after having checked the weather forecast (otherwise known as  “Arctic Blast 2010”), I posted on facebook that I was “regretting my decision to not ask for a Snuggie for Christmas”.

I mean, I wanted a Snuggie, but I also wanted that “as seen on TV” ab roller plus a few years back.  It probably went for something like a buck fifty in my garage sale not too long afterwards.  So, I tried to show some restraint every time I left my house and saw Snuggies staring me in the face … Walgreens, HEB, etc.  They were everywhere.

Not minutes after posting that thought on the internet, my friend Elizabeth Elliott said …. “look for me when we pick up the girls from dance … I might have a little something for ya.”

And this … my friends … was it:

A real life, genuine, leopard print (for my “wild side” she said) Snuggie!!  My very own!  Just hours before the biggest football game of the season (Go Longhorns) and I had myself a Snuggie.  She did make me promise to take pictures and blog about it … which I would classify as a “conditional gift” but seeing how I would have done it anyway I quickly agreed!

A  big, shout out “Thank You” to Elizabeth!

On the way home from dance I looked in my rear view mirror and saw this:

Savannah was sitting there, booklight and all … in MY Snuggie.  She looked JUST like the lady on the cover of the box.  I thought it was hilarious.  I had to stop and take a picture.

Then I came home to try it out for myself.

It was all great fun.  I’m a big fan of the Snuggie now.

I do think that someone was watching TV with a blanket and thought “maybe I could add sleeves and give it a cute name and make a lot of money.  The whole American Dream thing.

Elizabeth thinks someone thought of it when they accidentally put their bathrobe on backwards.

I do know that I haven’t watched TV in a long time with a blanket … and tonight I watched the football game while wearing my Snuggie and I enjoyed it very much.

So, blog friends, the internet truly is a wonder.

I have a Snuggie to prove it.

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Deanne - Jan 5, 2010

Cute! I almost got a Snuggie, but when I saw Snuggies for dogs, I thought it a bit over the top. None of mine would have ANY part of that. Their daddy would kill me.

Molly - Jan 5, 2010

I got one JUST LIKE THAT (leopard print and all) before Christmas! My mom gave it to me. I even sleep in mine . . . because when a child comes and wakes me up in the middle of the night I can take my blanket with me :)

I took it with me to my treatments in December. It gets really cold in the infusion room, especially when you get drowsy from the IV Benadryl.

In the past, I have always used a blanket that they provide, but they have to wake me up to get my arm out from under the blanket to take my blood pressure every 30 minutes.

With the Snuggie, I could just hand them my arm and go on sleeping! It was great!

Plus, they are a LOT warmer than the blankets they have there.

Chelsea - Jan 5, 2010

My Meme gave me one for Christmas. I wear it ALL THE TIME. They are perfect for bloggers.