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Dear On Star

Last month I wrote about our C-R-A-Z-Y trip from Houston to Little Rock on Christmas Eve.  We drove in pouring rain, dodged several tornadoes, watched the roads flood and then, about an hour from our destination, we blew a tire.  To shreds.  And if you remember, Bill didn’t even know where the spare tire in the Suburban was located (we now know it is underneath … who knew!).

And although I know the internet is open to just about anybody and everybody, it is still shocking sometimes to hear or see who finds your blog.

Like today, for example, when OnStar sent me an email.

THE OnStar.

The real one.

In Michigan.

The email was from an On Star customer service representative who said she had read this blog post about On Star and wanted to make sure the employee had handled the situation correctly.

Upon reading the email I was more than a little disappointed because when I first saw that OnStar had read the blog I was quite sure they wanted me to make a commercial.  You know one of those “real life” ones where the person is saying … “thank you On Star” and you have a big lump in your throat because they were able to help someone in an emergency.

Now those commercials are usually pretty dramatic and involve ambulances being sent and the like, but you can be sure that we said over and over on that rainy, rainy night with a tornado practically on our bumper that we were so glad we had OnStar.

Ever so glad.

So OnStar,  … you should know … the person that answered with “OnStar, what is your emergency?” … they did their job perfectly.  They didn’t get all flustered when we told them it wasn’t really an emergency … but just kind of since there was a tornado coming and roads were flooding.  And even though they didn’t laugh at the irony of the company called “30 minutes or Less” actually coming “in one hour”, it’s totally o.k.  because it would not be the first time someone has told me I was joking around at an inappropriate time.

Your employee was very professional and was doing his job.  Even when Bill said … “and can you tell them to HURRY since a tornado is coming?”, they stayed right on script.  (And by the way, I was kind of embarrassed about that because, if someone … especially someone who was asking me to stand outside their car in the pouring rain to fix a tire, … told me there were tornadoes involved … well, I totally wouldn’t be hurrying to their rescue.

And the fact that it took my husband three months and about five phone calls to my dad just to change out a washer in our shower head … well, that may or may not be a reflection on how things would have turned out had he tried to change our tire.  Just take it from me, I don’t think it would have been pretty.

Good thing is we’ll never know because you are as good as your commercial says you are and you sent two of the nicest guys you’d ever want to change your tire in the middle of the night in pouring rain to our rescue.

And if you want me to say that in a commercial I totally will.

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Deb - Feb 4, 2010

Cracks me up. You really should be the next OnStar spokeswoman.

Deanne - Feb 4, 2010

Too funny! I’d expect a call if I were you.

And it is a little odd when someone unexpected reads your stuff. Kind of like when the YoCrunch people emailed about the Losing It! blog. Weird.

HoustonGurly - Feb 4, 2010

Way to go OnStar!

After I mentioned Dave & Busters in one of my posts, I received a comment from someone representing them that mentioned some upcoming ‘special’.

I deleted it. :D

Rhonda - Feb 4, 2010

I love reading your blog! You crack me up!

Cherry - Feb 5, 2010

You are good!

Amanda - Feb 5, 2010

Oh my gosh you are the best writer. And so funny! ANd WOW! That is some story… and CRAZY that they contacted you!



willing2riskready2go - Feb 0, 2010

Too funny!