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I got a word!

Yesterday I was reading Beth Moore’s blog and she issued an invitation to Houston to come visit her Bible study.  I thought it would be great to go but with the kids schedules I didn’t figure it would work out.  Besides, I didn’t know what we were having for dinner. 

Now it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve left Bill with 4 hungry kids and a crop in the fields (or to put it in big city terms … a lot more work on his laptop to do) but I knew he was really tired.  About 5:00, the strangest thing happened.  I opened the freezer (you know the whole … oh, I wish I had thought about this earlier and had thawed something out but maybe just maybe I’ll see something look) and there was a bag of frozen meatballs.  You know, my GO TO meal.  It took me all of about a minute to start some rice and slice a cantaloupe and dinner was ready to go.  It was on the stove smelling good when my man got home.  That’s what I’m talking about!

And so I left.  Headed straight out because Beth Moore said to “come and get a word”.  Now I knew that parking was a nightmare … her blog even mentioned “perservering to find a parking space.”  I was arriving 15 minutes late and missed the exit for the church off the Katy freeway.  I thought for a minute as I navigated a new route that maybe I should just go back home but decided just to “check” and see if there was some parking.  I prayed that maybe someone would get a call and need to leave and that miracoulously there would be a parking spot.  I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.  As God is my witness (because you know if Beth Moore was speaking He was there!) there was a spot on the second row of parking.  It was a small one which was fine because I left the big ride with Bill.

My next thought was “Lord … let there be a seat open.”  Again,  I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP.  I walked in and went up the stairs to a seat.  I had no more than put my purse down than a sweet lady with a STAFF badge on said … “why don’t you come with me.”  For a second I thought I might have parked in Beth Moore’s parking space and they needed me to move.  But she took me right down front.  DOWN FRONT.  She said I was helping them out … which I think means they were filling in seats for the video they were making.  I was on the ninth row and Beth walked up the aisle and looked right in my face.  Yes, she did.  Not long after I sat down the “staff” lady brought me a Beth Moore booklet because I had read about coming on the blog … y’all it just kept getting better and better.

I had realized two things on the way inside the church.  I realized I had left my Bible in the car (not a problem since it was on THE SECOND ROW) and I realized that I had never really eaten lunch or dinner … in other words, I was starving!  When I went back and got my Bible guess what was on the seat of the car?  GoldFISH snack pretzels.  It totally cracked me up because all I could think was that God was saying to me over and over that night … “I’m preparing a way for you to go.  I’ve got this thing covered….and then he said … LOOK, I can even still provide the fish for the hungry crowd.”  I thought it was hilarious!!!  (Just so you know, I had a few pretzels in the car but once I was moved to the “up front” seating I shoved them WAY down in my purse so as not to be seen on camera stuffing my face.) 

And besides all the nudges and reminders He gave me along the way, He also totally spoke a word through Beth.  She was not lying when she said come and get one.  She spoke some things I needed to hear … in fact, some things I was thinking about on the way to the Bible Study.  She talked about the importance of knowing about the world (not being wordly), having a church, a Bible Study or accountability group, some people you are transparent with and being intimate with the Lord.  She talked about going “further still” and what that meant.

And on the way home I ate my goldfish and thought about what she said and thanked the Lord for the word!

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Katie - Mar 3, 2010

Darla, I love Beth Moore about as much as I love Pam Thompson from Second. I tell you, the Lord sent those Baptist girls to show this Methodist a thing or two. They are awesome and both just fill me up. So glad you were blessed last night to be a blessing today!

Amanda - Mar 3, 2010

I’m so glad you made it to Bible study! Thanks for being there!

Alice - Mar 3, 2010


It sounds like you had a great evening. Isn’t it wonderful how the Lord just takes care of things for us before we even ask.