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It's Greek to me ...

Third grade math is from the devil.

It is seriously evil.

Savannah has had four problems as homework this week that I can only refer to as Suduko on steroids.

They are word problems where they only give you a few clues and then you have to figure out who did what, how much did they used of product, things like that.

Like I care who did what.

So this morning I emailed the teacher and cried uncle.  Because seriously … she might as well send home Greek verbs to conjugate (do you even conjugate Greek verbs?!?) or Latin.

Actually I could do the Latin … I took it in high school and it seemed logical.  It made sense.

These so-called “logic” problems … not so much.

And speaking of being Greek …

When Brittany was in pre-k she had a good friend named Andrew.  They played at each others houses a time or two (although I doubt either one of them would admit it today).  It was a sweet little friendship back in the day.

Through Brittany’s friendship with Andrew I got to be friends with his mom, Brandi.  I love her and still enjoy being around her even though our kids now act like they don’t really know each other.  She makes me laugh, she is fun to be around and she isn’t afraid to say what she thinks.  All qualities I love.

The first time I met Brandi’s husband he had come to my house to pick his son up and I introduced myself.  To this day I don’t know why I said to him … “your wife and I were both Chi Omegas at Baylor.”

I really don’t.

Because you see,  she didn’t go to Baylor and she was not a Chi Omega.

In fact, she went to A and M.  And I think she was a Theta.

I don’t know if I dreamed it or just wished it was true.  Totally not LOGICAL that I would make something like that up, but I did.  Still cracks me up.

And speaking of A and M, I am going to College Station this weekend to meet up with some of my “go to” friends from Little Rock.  I cannot wait!!  I’m making a stop in Tyler, TX for a gymnastics meet for Brittany (the last one of the season), then to College Station until Monday morning when I will drive to San Antonio to speak at a MOPS group there.

Please be assured I will not be doing Suduko.  Or thinking about logic.  Or third grade math.  Or making stuff up about other people.

This girl just wants to have fun.

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HoustonGurly - Mar 5, 2010

Sounds like fun. Have a great weekend!

Deanne - Mar 6, 2010

Have fun and be careful! Oh, and I am the Go To relative when it comest o math. Just ask Hayden and Clay. Brett hasn’t needed me much - yet. Just email them over.

melwelsh - Mar 2, 2010

I know the EXACT homework you are talking about :) hehehe.

I heart Brandy too- she is the greatest. She has fabulous kiddos too :)

MamaSeal - Mar 2, 2010

Our son is in the 1st grade so luckily we haven’t hit Sudoku math yet. lol Lucky for me my husband is great at math so he helps with that subject.