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Darla Story - email version

I’m back.

I took a quick trip to Arkansas earlier this week and in the process of catching up with myself and needing to explain to our entire middle school my lack of technological skills, there has been no time left for the blog.

My PTA “job” is to send emails, using a PTA database (is that even the right word?!?).  All the school asked me to do was to send a simple email - to parents of 8th graders - about the upcoming 8th grade dance.

I was supposed to include a picture order form as an attachment.

Only I forgot to attach it.

So I sent another one with the clever subject line that said “the attachment is … attached.”

But I didn’t think it sent.

So I sent another one that said “oops” except that it only said “oop” because I accidentally hit send before I added the “s” and the rest of the message.  It literally ONLY said “oop” in the subject line … that was it.

And then I realized I had sent that to 6th grade parents instead of 8th grade parents.

I FINALLY sent the correct email with the attachment actually attached to the correct parents.

Then I found out one of the earlier versions had actually worked so people were getting multiple emails from me saying the same thing.

And I’ve spent the rest of the week answering emails that say things like … “oop   ????” or “nothing attached” or “did you mean for us to get this?”.

If I’ve said “sorry for the confusion” once this week I’ve said it a thousand times.

Bill and I both thought it was hilarious that I can’t even send the “oops” email without it being an “oops”.

The very fact that I have this PTA job just proves that scores of more knowledgeable people turned it down first before they finally got someone to say “yes”.

You wouldn’t think they’d make that mistake again.

Only they already have asked me to do it again next year when Brittany starts 6th grade.

And I already said “yes”.


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Rhonda - Apr 5, 2010

I am laughing out loud!!! You are a hoot!! And such a great story teller!!

KimW - Apr 5, 2010

Hilarious ~ having a 6th & 8th grader and receiving all of your emails ~ I didn’t think anything of it since I know you very well and just assumed you were having a “Darla moment”. Thanks for keeping us all young with your funny stories and making us LOL! :) Kim