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Dusty Journal

I was going through some bookshelves the other day and came across a journal I hadn’t seen in years.  Curious about what was inside, I opened it to find a journal of the “early  years” of Caroline’s life.  I’m pretty sure I intended to write in it regularly and perhaps make one for each child.  As it is, that is the only such journal in our house and the last entry is during Caroline’s kindergarten year.

I loved reading about that time period in our lives.  I read about Brittany’s arrival into our family , Caroline riding the school bus for the first time … and about the time Bill took Caroline to the park and, after having a great time, said … “I hope that is Caroline’s very first memory”.

I cracked up when I read that one day she was helping me in the kitchen and Brittany became fussy in her bouncy seat in the den.  I asked Caroline to go “be with her” so she would settle down.  Caroline promptly went into the den, got down by Brittany and very matter of factly said … “Brittany, Jesus is in here with you … now I’m going back to help Mommy.”

I so wish I had more memories recorded … and in many ways this blog is helping me record those events I don’t want to forget.  I used to scrapbook … and Bill always laughs at how Caroline has two albums that I spent hours and hours creating.  The very last time I scrapbooked was the Saturday before Brittany was born.  After that I guess I got a little … busy.

And poor Jacob … he has not even a word written in his baby book.

I have a friend named Katy Moore who wrote a blog post last week called “Supermom".  There are so many things she said that I absolutely loved but one of my favorites was when she described no longer worrying about monogramming her daughter’s dresses but instead focused on “inscribing character on her heart.”

And although I may not have everything recorded for posterity (like those supermoms!) … I hope, like Katy, that the things really worth remembering, the things you can’t even take a picture of, are etched into my children’s hearts and minds….forever.

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Beth - Apr 0, 2010

Don’t worry, Darla. They are…they are. :)

Not that I’m a supermom, but I do have a journal for each of my children. (I’m on books 5 or 6 for Lauren). I started most of them before they were conceived and am planning to give it to them when they graduate or when they get married. My mother-in-law gave me the idea and I’ve just incorporated it into my daily quiet time. Too fun to look back at each stage and marvel. :)

Deanne - Apr 1, 2010

I think you guys are doing a wonderful job. You ARE a Supermom (and Superdad), just in a different way from some of those others.

funny girl - Apr 3, 2010

Love it!!!