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Darla Story - For whom the bell tolls version...

I know I’ve come a long way in the internet world.

For example, I can do things like … post a blog.

Order books from Amazon.

I google stuff all the time.

I tweet, facebook, follow other blogs … the like.

It seems almost impossible that it was only 11 years ago that we got this thing called internet (dial up!) in our home.

I can still remember when Bill told me about a site on the internet called ebay.  He told me how cool it was … that you could find anything.

And, sure enough, I found some very cool things.

Like these figurine dolls that are bells.  I have collected them for years and years.

There were more bells on ebay than you can imagine.

Bells for each holiday, bell collections, bells for this and bells for that.

A treasure trove of bells.

And I thought it would be fun to bid on them.

I lost track of how many “bids” I submitted.   But I do still remember how much fun I had hitting the button that said “bid”.

You see, no one (ie BILL) told me that if you win the bid you buy.

I just thought someone would check with me first.

Make sure I really meant to do that.

Unknowingly, the ebay account I was bidding from was linked to Bill’s work email address.

As he sat in a meeting the next day, he got email after email saying … “Congratulations … you won …. a bell.”

He knew.

OH PEOPLE, HE KNEW what had happened but there was no way to stop the train wreck.

And for weeks and weeks UPS showed at my door delivering bells.  It was before paypal too so “as my punishment”, I had to send all those bell owners checks for my new treasures so as not to sully Bill’s “perfect” ebay record.

Perfect because he’s never bought or sold anything!!!

Oh, but I have bought some things.

I have this bell cabinet to prove it.

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Elizabeth - Apr 2, 2010

THAT is HILARIOUS! I can’t take my eyes off all those bells!

cherry - Apr 2, 2010

Some lessons learned cost more than others. Right? - Apr 3, 2010

This made me laugh out loud!

LindaD - Apr 3, 2010

Oh Darla! You are one of a kind!

Beth - Apr 3, 2010

Oh Darla - two Darla stories in one day. I’m not sure I can handle it. That’s a GOOD one!!!