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It all depends on how you look at it ...

There are two things I have known with certainty about Monday mornings this past school year.

The first was that two of my four kids would be buying their lunch at school.  Every Monday is chicken nugget day in the school cafeteria.  And if you think about it … after the words “I love you”, having your children say … “Mom, we’re buying lunch at school today” may be the most beautiful words a mom can hear.  Sadly that Monday morning ritual stopped this week when Jacob reported that “THEY ONLY GIVE YOU THREE NUGGETS and I AM STILL STARVING!”  Savannah agreed and I am back in the lunch making business on Monday mornings again.

The other thing I know for sure is that Savannah is going to bring me her conduct folder to be signed.  The students in our school keep a record each week and if they get a “mark” it is recorded and they bring it home on Fridays for the parent signature.

This Monday was no different.  I said … “Savannah … you got ANOTHER mark for excessive talking?!?”  And I’m pretty sure you know … she comes by this honestly.  Like I think it was hereditary.  I’m a communication professor after all.    But that doesn’t excuse it and quite often we go through the same lectures about the right/wrong time to be talking, etc.

Caroline makes it well known that she made it from Pre-K through 5th grade without ever getting a mark.  Poor Brittany got one mark (that truly hurt her to receive) and the teacher called me later to apologize and said Brittany was lumped in with a group of kids in the cafeteria who all got marks but that upon further reflection she should not have received it.

So most Mondays Caroline and Brittany roll their eyes and pontificate on how Savannah is “sullying the good Baerg family name.”

I keep telling Savannah how I KNOW it is hard to keep from talking.  I understand wanting to have a good time … even at the wrong time.  I get it.  I totally get it.

But that doesn’t excuse it.

This past Monday was a little different because in addition to signing the conduct chart I had to sign Savannah’s progress report.

I should tell you first that Savannah has incredible comedic timing.  She can say some of THE funniest things I have ever heard in the most deadpan way that makes me crack up every time.

So Monday when she handed me the two papers I said … “Savannah … ANOTHER mark for talking?!?”

And without skipping a beat she said … “but look mom … I got a 100 in oral language.”

She had a point.

And you know what … if they offered debate in third grade I bet she’d have a 100 in that too.