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Not a pretty sight ...

Remember THIS?

My infamous face plant into the ice and snow in Minnesota?

Well, Brittany is now sporting a very similar badge of courage …

Close encounter of the trampoline kind.

She has logged more hours on our backyard trampoline than the rest of the family combined.  She has done flips on it since she was tiny.  We used to have a rule that the kids couldn’t jump on the trampoline unless a parent was home but I guess somewhere along the way that went by the wayside.

Earlier this week when I was dropping off someone somewhere (you know, pretty much what I do EVERY day)  Brittany called me.  She is prone to calling and reporting things to me like … “mom, I ate two cookies” or “mom, someone called” or “mom, can I turn on the TV”.  She calls me a lot.

This time though she said … “mom, I was jumping on the trampoline and I hurt my face a little bit.”  (I later learned she was trying to do a front and a back flip …. “at the same time!”  I asked her if she was ok and she said “yes … it just stings a little bit.”

I was not prepared for what I saw when I got home.  It looked awful (this picture was taken a few days after it happened).  I told her she could stay home the next day if she wanted as it was painful to even look at so I could only imagine how it felt.  Trademark Brittany she said … “no, we’re learning about something new today so I need to go.”

When I asked her if people asked about her face she said … “Yes … EVERYBODY.”

Bill told her that he was proud of her because having those scars was a sign that she was pushing herself and doing hard things and that even if she got hurt she was improving.  Only he probably said it better than what I just wrote.

Anyway … Jacob piped up and said … “HEY, that’s just what my tae kwon do teacher tells me … push myself.”

And Brittany sat there and then quietly replied … “yeah … but look what happens when you do.”

I think as soon as her wounds heal she’ll be back to pushing herself again though.

That’s just how Brittany rolls.

No pun intended.

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rootsandrings - Apr 5, 2010

OUCH! That looks brutal!! I fell off a trampoline when I was little and broke my arm. I wish I could say I was doing a cool trick but I wasn’t. I just tripped.

Deanne - May 0, 2010

But still a pretty girl! I’m proud that she went to school despite how it looked and probably felt. She’s got good priorities. And she did learn some tough lessons. Life isn’t always pretty!

Cindy - May 0, 2010

I saw Brittany at church this morning and wondered. Get Claire to tell you about the call she placed to me once that started, “So Mom, apparently I need stitches or something.” Seems she didn’t know how to stop a scooter she was riding on a trail in the bayou. She needed stitches in her chin and had a concussion from the impact. Be sure she mentions it was one summer while home from COLLEGE!