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It's like the stars aligned ...

I had it … my one shining moment.

Or as I told Bill … “the one time in my life where I was the person I’ve always wanted to be” … at least in regards to this situation.

Remember the cake balls?

Well, I actually made 2 batches and froze one of them.



Last week’s cake balls were dipped in chocolate almond bark.  After talking with a friend today she suggested I try dipping them in the milk chocolate candy wafers.  Turns out I had some of those left over from a well intentioned but poorly executed Christmas plan of making chocolate pops for people.

Anyway … when we got home from church Brittany was helping me out in the kitchen (she enjoys cooking … she has been scrambling her own eggs for a couple of years and is always willing to cook something with me).  I asked her if she’d like to help me dip the second batch of cookie balls.

That wasn’t really on my agenda but the other kids were occupied and I thought it would be a good way to spend some time with Babs (our nickname for Brittany … Brittany Ann Baerg … Babs for short).  We melted the chocolate and dipped the balls and even added some sprinkles on this batch.

An hour or so later I posted a birthday greeting on facebook to a friend that said “Happy Birthday … what time is cake served?”  I was just joking of course.  His wife commented and said .. “well, that would mean I need to make the cake … I better get busy!”  She is a very good friend of mine and for a second I was almost giddy.  I didn’t even take time to respond … I just ran and began packing up cake balls to take them.

Bill delivered them and before he even got home the phone was ringing and my friend was telling me that I’d totally saved her because she needed to go to the store to buy the things she needed for the cake and now she was off the hook.

And I could not have been happier.  I’ve always felt like I was surrounded by people who could whip up a meal at a moments notice, had freshly baked bread on hand or who had just the right thing at just the right time.  Today … just this once … it was my turn.

Tomorrow I am spending the day preparing for the talk I’m giving at the Tallowood Baptist Spring Womens Luncheon on Tuesday.

And when that is over I’m going to make more cake balls!

Because you never know when you might need them.