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When art imitates life ... (or at least a video does) ....

OK, so last week I considered Looper, my dog, to be in hospice care.  I moped around and told people we’d probably have to put her down later in the week.  Bill had been in New York and came straight home so he (aka the grim reaper) could take her to the vet.

And let me just say here … dogs must have a sixth sense … because when Bill got home Looper “picked up her bed and walked”.

The same dog that had practically been carried around for one week walked outside wagging her tail as if to say … “I’m good.  No worries”.

And today … well, she looks better than ever.

I think that has something to do with the fact that she is eating like a human now.

It started with lunch meat … she devoured it.

Then we had fajitas and Looper ate all the leftover chicken.

And tonight … yes, tonight she ate some hamburger hotdish (Bill’s favorite) right off a plate.


Bill saw it happen and said something about having to draw the line on the dog eating off a plate.

My neighbor compared Looper to the energizer bunny … she keeps going and going.

If you remember, the vet once told me that Looper manipulates me.  Which comes as no surprise since my children are prone to this same behavior.  It seems I can’t catch a break!

In summary, Looper has spoken and Looper has said … “your food is my food”.

So when my mom sent me this video, I laughed out loud.

Because it’s just so very real in my house right now.

Happy Thursday!