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I bet you didn't know I was married to a movie star.

It’s true.

Bill Baerg …  aka movie star.

I hadn’t thought about it in YEARS, but tonight I had a great big ole’ laugh about it.

This is how I had spent my day:

Noon - take Brittany to Meet of Champs swim practice at the natatorium 2:00 - take Brittany to the gym for her gymnastics workout 5:30 - pick up Brittany from her 3 1/2 hour workout 6:00 - take Brittany to her one hour basketball game

Now, I’m not sure about Brittany, but I was exhausted.  And that meant I wasn’t cooking dinner.  You understand, I’m sure.  It’s tiring driving her everywhere.  :)

So we went out to eat afterwards with some of her teammates and I had such a good time.  Someone mentioned (and I have no idea why) that “Tin Cup” was one of their favorite movies.  And I said … “BILL IS IN THAT MOVIE.”

Oh yes he is.

And he did real acting.

You can see for yourself.  In one scene he throws down his hands in disgust and in another just shakes his head.

That is ACTING people and he got paid for it.

The night we went to the opening he wore sunglasses home from the premiere.  I almost rolled out of the car laughing.

Bill is in the clip below.  You will see him at 3:10 and 4:42.  He’s the big, tall guy (duh) on the left side of the screen in a red shirt with a yellow baseball hat. The clip at 3:10 practically pans right to Bill.  He’s the last guy in the crowd.  The director picked him for that spot.  Probably because he’s so cute.  At 4:43 he looks straight at the camera.  I’m telling ya, it’s good stuff.

He told me he wore that outfit so I could find him in the movie.  I’ve called him the “man with the yellow hat” ever since.

And find him I did.

I HOWLED in the theater.  HOWLED when he threw down his hands in disgust at Kevin Costner’s shot.  It was hysterical.

I think he should have demanded more than the $52.31 they paid him.

He. did. real. acting.

Plus, it wasn’t his first movie.

Are you ready for this …

Ice Castles

He was in “Ice Castles” too.

Yep, 1978.

They filmed it in Minnesota.

PLEASE ask him to demonstrate what he did in the movie the next time you see him.  I promise that you will laugh.  He is in this scene, but I don’t think you will find him.

Just so you know, he was asked to be in Oliver Stone’s “JFK” too.  He went to the “grassy knoll” in Dallas and they told him he would be driving a motorcycle in the motorcade.  At the last minute they said … “you do have a motorcycle license, right?” And sadly, he did not.  But I think it counts that he was cast for the movie, don’t you?

My friends were so shocked that Bill was so, you know … famous.  One friend said … “I only knew him as bus ridin’ Bill”.

My other friend said … “I knew he was something when I turned on my TV at my office and saw Bill ringing the bell on the New York Stock Exchange” (yes, that was good stuff too).

Anyway … after “Tin Cup”, Bill bought me the “tin cup” necklace like the one Rene Russo wore in the movie.  They were popular at the time and I’m pretty sure he spent his entire “tin cup” paycheck on it.

I loved that necklace.  And I love being Bill’s wife.

It’s kind of like being in the movies.