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And that is when I almost got hit by the train ...

OH, it has been a few days!  It’s almost like we’ve been going in circles.

Saturday we went to see the movie “Karate Kid”.  I saw the original so many times in the theater that I lost count and I think the remake is just as good.  Loved it … especially since my tae kwon do kids were so excited about it.

We were waiting for Caroline to get back from her 8th grade “Student Life” conference in Orange Beach, AL.  She arrived home tanned and not rested.

We headed straight to the Olive Garden for a “relaxing” dinner before heading off Sunday morning to take the kids to Pine Cove camp.

And it was relaxing until a plate was accidentally dropped by a waiter.  The plate broke and ending up slicing Savannah’s leg open.  BIG gash … so then we were off to the emergency room.  After a few hours and some glue to hold her leg together, we were back home packing for camp.


Things have been a little “up and down” to say the least …

Please note … I uploaded these videos myself … FROM MY PHONE! … today after my “one on one” Mac tutorial class.  My trainer and I started laughing when the first thing he said was “push the home key on your phone” and I said … “I don’t know where that is”.  We laughed and laughed!  Who knew it could be so fun!

AND, please also note that at the end of this video, I almost get taken out (aka RUN OVER) by the Memorial City mall kids train.  Please notice the trampoline guy trying to warn me.  Hilarious.

So this week, while I have only one child at home, I am going to do my best to form complete thoughts (MUCH easier when four children aren’t talking at once!) and to avoid kid trains at the mall!!

Wish me luck!