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What I was going to show you ...

Better late than never, right?

I had plans to post these pictures/links sometime last week so your (and my) Fourth of July celebrations could be the cutest ever.  And although I had the best of intentions, I was doing good to get those turkey burgers cooked!

So, if you will, think of these links as a way to get a jump start perhaps on your Labor Day celebrations … or maybe next Memorial Day.  It’s only 363 more days until the next 4th of July and if I look at it that way …. I’m way ahead of the game.  I just have to remember to come back and look at these fun ideas.

I LOVE watermelon for the 4th.  Or anytime.  I thought it was so cute to cut the pieces into stars with cookie cutters and add some blueberries. I found this idea here:

These strawberries are cute too.  The link for the directions is here.

I think these flag fruit kabobs are SO clever.  I found them here :

And for dessert, these:

or one of these - a Patriotic Fruit Pizza!!

And last, but certainly not least … this idea from my friend Laura Rogers … cute, CUTE brownie stars on a stick!!  Personally I think eating anything on a stick is fun … especially brownies!

Here’s to July Fourth, 2011!!!