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Always Prepared

Jacob has been dreaming of today for a long, long time.

His first “official” Cub Scout meeting.

To be honest, I’m not sure who was more excited, Jacob or Bill.

Bill left work early yesterday to trek to the Boy Scout store to buy the uniform and even took it to the dry cleaners to have the patches sewn on.

(I have to take a little literary license here and tell you that the two pictures above were taken about 6 seconds apart … one inside, one outside.  The second I walked outside, the humidity caused the camera to fog up and made the picture blurry.  For those non-Houstonians out there … THIS IS OUR LIFE.  It’s hot here, really hot with no relief showing in the near future.)

And yes … the dry cleaners sewed on the patches because, if the past is any indicator of the future, the fact that there are still baggies of Brownie and Girl Scout patches laying around my house waiting to be sewn on, did not bode well for these to make it onto his uniform any time soon either.

And Bill … being “always prepared” took matters into his own hands and got things done (three fist pumps and a high five for boy scout Bill!).

Which makes me feel badly that Savannah never had a single patch on her Brownie uniform with the exception of the troop number and the Girl Scout symbol.

The good news is … Savannah joined Girl Scouts this year and all the patches are stick on.  STICK ON!!!

And moms everywhere have rejoiced and given thanks.

Now to teach those Boy Scouts a thing or two!