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It's a wrap ....

Last week we got a phone call asking if a family could come see our house.

We told them it wasn’t for sale yet but they really wanted to see it so we said …. “sure, come on.”  Problem was, I wasn’t in “let’s sell the house” mode yet.  So I spent virtually every waking second of last week trying to make it look like we don’t really live in our house.

On Friday we were literally racing against the clock and I told Bill we could have been on some reality game show where we had 24 hours to stage a house.

They came and stayed all of 20 minutes looking and I spent all of the next 20 hours recovering.

Except that I couldn’t really recover because Savannah wanted to have two friends spend the night and they weren’t as tired as I was at midnight Friday night.

I loved Sunday afternoon!!  The girls helped me organize my jewelery while I cleaned out a cabinet in the bathroom (you know the one with 3 boxes of bandaids, 4 bottles of childrens tylenol, 2 bags of cotton balls and miscellaneous stuff out the wazoo?  Please tell me you have one of these!).  Caroline helped me with that project too.   It went like this … “MOM, throw it away” … “But I like it” … “THROW IT AWAY” … but what if we need it … We DON’T NEED IT.

She won most of the battles.  She could have a bright future in organizational consulting.  I was a tough client but she hung firm with me.

I’d show you a picture of my very super clean cabinet except I won’t because I’m too tired to go take a picture.  And I’m sure you don’t care.

My apologies for what could not be a more boring post.

And it’s not exactly a wrap because there was one more fun event … maybe two of the weekend but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

Because, as Dennis Miller would say … “that’s the news and I’m outta here.”