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The post with no pictures ...except for one

I received an invitation to lead a retreat for Trinity Baptist in Katy, TX about a year ago.

They told me the retreat would be at Camp Allen and that I would be more than welcome to come on Thursday as many of the ladies would be coming in on that day.

I told them “no” and to be honest, it never even crossed my mind to say “yes”.  There were carpools to run, lunches to make, a house to clean, etc.

So Friday night I went to Camp Allen.  And the second I drove into the camp it was as if time slowed down.  It was peaceful and beautiful and relaxing and perfect.

And I asked myself over and over why I didn’t try and make it work to get there a day early.

Rest assured … if someone makes me that offer again … I’m totally taking it.

Jesus set the example of the necessity of getting away and resting.  Often we think we are too busy to stop.  Jesus had 33 years to change the world and yet He still took time to rest.

I had such a good time visiting with the ladies from Trinity.  We played games after the Friday night session and I had the distinction of being the only person to sing my clue during “Catch Phrase”.  I told them they would be the first and last group to hear me sing!!

There were three sessions on Saturday and then I got in the car and found the Arkansas/Alabama game as quickly as I could.  When I got home I picked up Brittany and we headed straight for Pearland, TX for a district qualifying gymnastics meet.  She did well … already enough points to qualify for district although we still have another meet this weekend before district.

We got home late and on Sunday I “got to” teach for the first time in our brand new Sunday School class at Tallowood.  It’s an un-age graded, un-marraige status group and I love it already.

Also on Sunday a FOR SALE BY OWNER sign went up in our front yard.    We have had four phone calls and zero lookers since then.  You interested?

And if all the information about my weekend wasn’t enough … I’ll tell you my excitement for today.

Bill left his suit coat at home.

Yep.  Flying to Savannah, GA first and then on to New York City (oh how I miss New York!!!).  He wore his suit pants but no coat so I “got to” bring it to him downtown.  He offered me a free lunch in return and that’s all I needed to hear for this home girl to point my Suburban towards the city skyline.

I think he might have started regretting the decision as soon as I pulled away from the curb of his office.  I said … “I hate driving downtown, there are so many people to hit”.  I had no more than said those words than I seriously almost took a man out.  It was terrible.   Soon after I started down a street and looked over and asked … “is this a one way?".   Bill thought it was hilarious or awful or both that I asked that question AFTER driving on the street for a minute.  Trust me … I’ve driven the wrong way on one ways more than my fair share of times so I needed to double check.

I’m not sure he enjoyed lunch, but I sure did.

And any one of the above things would have been nice to insert a photograph with, but I never had my camera.

I can however show you Friday’s home improvement project.  We had our kitchen painted … Martha Stewart color … Chocolate Truffle.

I love it.

The end.