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Bloggers take their kids to pumpkin patches ... it's what we do.

We drive right past a pumpkin patch each day as we go to and from school.  And as soon as the pumpkins are unloaded (Jacob’s Boy Scout troop helped unload this year!), the begging begins for us to go pick out a pumpkin.

So Monday we made good on our “we’ll go soon” promise.  I’m hoping the fact that those pumpkins are now sitting by our front door makes our home look warm and welcoming and cozy so someone will buy it!!!!  (please).

Plus I needed pumpkin pictures for the blog.

All the bloggers have pumpkin patch pictures, right?

We took lots of pics:

Bill showed up which made things even better…

I took lots of fun pics:

But this picture I REALLY love … cheesy painted board with face cut outs and all … because Jacob’s little face is tilted towards Bill … just like it always is … and I think it’s really, really sweet.

Hope you are enjoying fall wherever you are!  And if you have pretty trees with falling leaves where you live … go jump in a pile of those leaves for me.  This Arkansas girl gets homesick for some fall “color” down here in ever green Houston.