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Bicycle built for 2

Yesterday we picked the contractor for our new house.  It was such a relief and we felt really good about our decision.  So good that we decided to go on a family bike ride. Bill and the younger kids rode to the park while I dropped Caroline off for a school project work session and then came back to meet the others.

There was a fence barring the bike trails.  Bill had left a message for me to go around the fence … which I did … but I never saw the “dirt trail” he told me to follow after that.

It was not for lack of trying.  I looked, I called … I never found them.  So I came home and made a dinner and waited for my hungry crew to come home.

We love a good bike ride and it reminded me that last week I was thinking about tandem bikes.  Someone mentioned them to me and I said … “I wrote an article about tandem bikes for Home Life magazine one time.”

It was basically a tandem bike as a metaphor for marriage story.  I went and looked on the blog to send this person the link and couldn’t find it anywhere.

I could have sworn that I had posted it once but I guess I didn’t.

But all that is about to change, because I’m posting the link here now …

Bicycle Built for Two

It’s a beautiful day for a ride!  I’m even wearing my “I Biked the Golden Gate Bridge” t-shirt (it’s actually a coincidence .. please don’t get the idea that I’m dressing to match my blog because that would just be weird).  :)