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My girl broke a board. With her bare hands.

Actually my boy did too, but more on that in a minute.

Last week was their taekwondo belt testing ceremony and Savannah and Jacob were testing for their green belts.

To be honest, this is absolutely amazing video to me.

Savannah just boom … breaks a board in half.

Pretty impressive, huh?

I think so anyway.

And here’s the thing … Jacob was in the very next group and he broke his board too.   There is however no video evidence of it.  They get five attempts to break their board.  Jacob tried twice and I videotaped those.  On the third I was so overcome with absolute terror that my baby wasn’t going to break the board that I stopped videotaping.  And then …. you guessed it … he whacked that board smack in half on the third try.

And here is what is most impressive about that  …  the boards are two different thicknesses … one for students under 60 pounds and one for students over 60 pounds.  When they handed Jacob his board they said … “over 60”.  Now, I may not be great on details, but I DID know that my boy didn’t weigh 60 pounds.  57 fully clothed.

And I thought about raising my hand and saying … “NO, wait, you’ve got it wrong”.  But I didn’t.  I would have said something if he hadn’t broken it by the fifth try (that would have resulted in a no pass) but I kept quiet.  Now he is even more proud that he broke the “BIG” board.

Here is the proof (it wasn’t until he was going to sit down that I regained my composure enough to even snap a picture):

I do have this video of Jacob doing one of the “green belt” moves:

And I guess this is a pretty good move because this morning as we waited on the bus to come (we watch for it to round the corner from inside the house and YES, just so you know, that is because I still have my pajamas on and the bus stop is at my driveway), Jacob begged me to let he and Savannah wait outside by themselves.  When I told him no, he replied … “BUT MOM, no one is going to get us …. we’re GREEN  belts”.

You’ve been warned.