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It's like I'm living an episode of "Everybody loves Raymond" ...

Whew … whirlwind few days.

Lots going on around here not the least of which was the fact that I was sick on Thursday and Friday.

I’m sure staying up until 2:30 in the morning Tuesday night doing a home improvement project only exaggerated how badly I felt the rest of the week.

And to be honest, I didn’t do the home improvement project, I only watched.

You know … gave my moral support.

The whole thing was funny … especially about 2:15 in the morning when Bill and I both crossed over to the … “everything is now hysterical” side.

It was at 2:15 that I declared that “I hate home improvement projects”.

Bill said he did too.

I said that was good … proves we were made for each other.

He said that was bad because we needed at least one of us to motivate the other to do some projects.

We marveled at how some people actually enjoy those kinds of projects….and we know that they do because we saw the signs on the front of Home Depot with all their “course offerings”.

And people were signed up!

I told Bill I could not understand how someone would want to sit around and “for fun” do some kind of home project when there are so many beautiful oceans in the world just waiting for me to come sit beside and read a book.

I mean, for realz.

It would be a beautiful thing if I could tell you that we completed the project Tuesday night, but alas, we did not.

We did finally finish it though, just in time to show the house Saturday morning.  We had a house showing at 9:30 am but they showed up at 9:15.


I was literally making her bed while they were knocking on the front door.  Brittany had a friend spend the night and the blankets were still out so we grabbed those and ran out the back door (gives whole new meaning to the phrase … take up your bed and walk - or run!, dontchathink?!).

The sweet “home lookers” came outside and told us we didn’t have to leave … which is good because my keys were in the house.

And my shoes.

And two kids were on the trampoline, one was on the pogo swing and one was hopping down the driveway on a pogo stick and one was scowling about the fact that she was awake.

I’ve decided they either thought our house was crazy or charming.

Either way I hope they noticed that home improvement project!

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Deb - Nov 2, 2010

We have to know WHAT the home improvement project was! Hope it wasn’t changing a battery or something like that….. :)

Deanne - Nov 2, 2010

Well, I fall into that “crazy” group that loves home improvements! There really is something almost therapeutic about laying down new tile, or the view from the roof as you replace shingles and such. Billy and I have done almost all the work in our home restoration and I’m glad. Some days I’m more glad than others, but still. And I once finished tiling the bathroom floor downstairs about 6 hours before I hosted bunco. Understand the pressures. Hopefully you took pictures to share!