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Boys will be boys ... and girls will watch football!

So far this year we had to cancel our family vacation due to high school volleyball.  Then Caroline and I had to change a flight due to high school volleyball.  The coaches told us … “don’t make plans for Labor Day” and then this week we got an email that said … “we will practice on Columbus Day” even though it is a school holiday.

I think they are really serious about that volleyball stuff.  Yikes.

Last weekend Brittany had a gymnastics competition on Friday night and Jacob’s soccer game for Saturday morning was canceled.  Savannah had a game but after some discussion we decided we’d had enough of our lives being ruled by sports schedules.

And so we went to a football game.  (YES, I see the irony!)

It was a girls trip to go watch football!

Jacob and Bill went on their first ever Boy Scout campout.  It had been planned as a family campout but Bill said … “I think it might be nice to go just us boys this time” … and really … who am I to argue with THAT?!?!?).

Here they are at the campout (and no, I have never seen anything cuter, thanksforasking):

About the time Bill made that decision, someone offered us four tickets to the Baylor/Kansas football game.  How perfect was that … because it just so happened that four is exactly how many we needed.

So Saturday morning we loaded in the car and headed to Waco.

I love SO MUCH hearing the words “Baylor” and “Touchdown” spoken together.  And Saturday I lost track of the number of times they said it but it was a lot!  It’s hard to see on here but the score was 55-7!  I realize Kansas is not having a good year but still … the Bears looked good.

One of the big excitements was getting to see my friend Susan Pratt’s son get put into the game.  I had sent Susan a text asking her if she wanted me to yell “Put in 34!  Put in 34!!” since we were sitting pretty close to the field.  But, as it turned out, I didn’t have to yell that … he went right in and assisted in a tackle.

“Assisted in a tackle” is the most sports like thing I think I have ever said.  Someone tell Bill.  Actually I think he knows because the other day he asked me why I had a “college football” sports app on my iphone.  I told him so I would know who was playing, what the score was, etc. and he didn’t say anything but I’m pretty sure it was a highlight moment for him.

After the game we did the requisite campus tour:

This picture was my favorite - Savannah had no idea her sisters were having a crazy moment:

Don’t worry, we took a regular one too:

It is probably against the law to leave Waco without a milkshake from Healthcamp so we went there on the way out of town.  I told the girls about how Bill and I had eaten there back in the day but I’m pretty sure they just rolled their eyes and gulped down their shakes.

And we came home and slept in our beds and showered in our showers and waited on the stinky campout boys to come home!