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There is always the land line ...

OH the honeys.

We laugh and we laugh and we laugh and we laugh.

Especially when I’m holding my phone up in the air trying to find a cell phone signal and expressing dismay that I can’t call Bill.  Without missing a beat Michelle turns and points to a phone sitting on a table and says … “you can always use a land line.”

Oh yeah.

A land line.  I completely forgot those existed.

We howled.  I mean, who have we become that we forgot we once all used phones with cords that were attached to the wall or sitting on a table?  You know, the kind you have to actually get up to go answer and can’t walk around the house carrying?

AND, get this … we never knew who was calling us in Hilltop when the phone rang.  No caller ID.  It was like the land before time out there.

We’ve come a long way baby.

We spent a whole weekend with 4 cell phones and no cellular signal and one land line.

We did just fine.

The phone was not the only technology challenge we faced during the weekend.  We also spent time we can never get back trying to figure out how to work the DVD player.  But we finally saw “Letters to Juliet” without it stopping every few minutes and I THINK someone actually put notes in their phone to remind us next year how we made it work.

I should mention that I use the word “we” very loosely here.  I just watched.  I don’t know the first thing about DVD players.  The whole thing seemed kind of overwhelming to me.  (I had to type that because it will make the honeys laugh).

Anyway … we had a wonderful time.  It does my soul good to know there are three people in the world like Debra, Michelle and Carol.  We are so different but so the same.  I know God hooked us up in life and I thank Him that he keeps us together.

Because we really do have a good time.

Even when our cell phones don’t work!

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arshad - Oct 1, 2010

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dalston1 - Oct 4, 2010

I’m right there with you, Dillahead. Last week I was getting increasingly hacked off because I couldn’t get my iphone DirecTV app to work. Steve, my always calm, rational spouse said “Let me get this straight; you’re mad because you can’t use your CELL PHONE to access your DVR that’s AT HOME to REMOTELY set up something to record TONIGHT.” Ah, yeah, pretty much…

Deb - Oct 5, 2010

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Deb - Oct 5, 2010

Fun times! Cracks me up to think about you sitting on the sofa with your phone up in the air…..