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Little things ..

I am packing up in just a bit to head out of town for the annual “Hilltop Honeys” trip.  We have traditionally gone in February but decided to move it up this year because it always conflicted with basketball and there are only so many carpools Bill can drive alone.

Besides, in February one of the honeys, Michelle, is hoping to meet the daughter her family is adopting from China.  EXCITING!

It looks like it is going to be a beautiful weekend which MIGHT mean we actually get dressed and go for a walk.  Maybe.  Don’t hold your breath.

There are some moments from this week though that I want to remember … aside from the throwing of all manner of stuff into my washer and dryer in an attempt to hide it, placing dirty dishes on top of clean ones in the dishwasher to hide them, etc.

One moment was holding hands with Jacob as we walked into Walmart to get a new bike for him.  He has been without “wheels” since an unfortunate blow out during the 4th of July parade.  He was outgrowing it anyway so we “upsized”.  There was talk of waiting until Christmas, but the weather is so perfect now for some rides we went ahead and got it.  It took him all of about 5 seconds to point to the bike and say “that’s the one I want”.  And the expression on his face and the excitement of his spirit was so completely evident.  And I don’t know how much longer it will be “ok” to hold my hand and pull down on my arm as he does a little hop … and I don’t want to forget the joy of that moment.

Or the moment when … after finding out, unfortunately, that Brittany has walking pneumonia … celebrating the fact that it is “walking” as we “walked” into her very favorite burger joint and had lunch just the two of us.  Unhurried.  Soaking in the sunshine. Grateful for some rest.

Or watching this girl delight in picking out a pumpkin after her dance class …

I never want to forget to enjoy the ordinary of the every day.

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Deanne - Oct 6, 2010

Lovely stories! Have a wonderful weekend with your Honeys!

Shona Cole - Oct 0, 2010

love that bike choice!! you are right to go ahead and get it now, the weather could not be more bike perfect.

Hey, the whole ‘I get to’ concept has been running through my mind all week. I would be doing something simple for/with the kids and I would think ‘‘I get to’ to this, rather than ‘sigh, I have to do this’. Then as I was practicing this all week it started to dawn on me what and HONOR it is to ‘get to’ to these mundane mommy things. My kids are awesome people and I am so fortunate to have them. So your ‘I get to’ concept is really a revolutionary change of mindset!!!! I hope you get that book published so that I can read it. Thank you Darla :)