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Everything in it's place ..

If there was a game show where they give a homeowner one hour or less to get their home ready to “show” to a buyer … well, I totally think I could win.

Especially now that my closet is clean.  :)

A CUTE young couple came to see our house tonight.  I dropped the kids off at church and raced home and did the craziest kind of cleaning you have ever seen.  And minutes before they arrived I had no idea what to do with the clear plastic container that is otherwise known as my shoe holder right now.

So I took it outside and put it by the air conditioner.

I couldn’t think of anywhere else … which HELLO, the garage!

I never envisioned that in the dark of night the “prospective home buyer” would want to go look at the air conditioner.

I mean, it’s a big box.  And I told him the unit was new.

Seriously, look at my beautiful candles burning, look at my pretty closet but the a/c?!?

When he came in I said … “guess you saw my shoe box!”

He looked at me like I was nuts so I dropped it.

Bill told me later he saw me go out there and he came behind me and put it in … THE GARAGE.

Bless him … he’s my completer.

The funniest was right before they came Bill was going through the house announcing  … “CLEAN SWEEP, CLEAN SWEEP” as he went through each room surveying it’s “readiness”.

He’s really trying to sell the house.  I felt like I was at summer camp and they were doing the whole “clean cabin contest”.

Which reminds me …. I forgot to tell you this but it TOTALLY cracked me up … the other day when I was, I don’t know … PLAYING WORDS WITH FRIENDS IN MY CLOSET … when I was supposed to be cleaning …. well, every time Bill “caught” me he would yell … “SMOKE BREAK”.  It it made me die out laughing because when we moved from Nashville to Houston the movers that were packing our stuff literally … I kid you not … worked about 30 minutes and then yelled “SMOKE BREAK” and sat around doing nothing … sometimes not even smoking … for quite awhile.  So, for the last 15 years every so often we’ll yell … SMOKE BREAK …. just for grins.

Trust me … I took more than my fair share of smoke breaks on Sunday.  Except I don’t smoke.

Several of you emailed me suggestions, comments, etc. on the closet post … and a few asked for a picture.  I’m kind of embarrassed to show you because it’s still not any great thing, but you asked and you shall receive.

The important thing to note is that you can see the floor.

I must have gotten closet inspired because the next day I tackled Brittany’s.  I thought it was so cute because I noticed the next day that she had set her shoes on the bottom of her closet (instead of under her bed where they usually are).  Again … I think it had to do with the fact that the floor is now visible.

I would show you Savannah’s too but I think my smoke break went a little long and it’s not quite so pretty.  It’s getting there though.

Anyway … the cute couple seemed to like it.  They told me they had a puppy which is what Bill and I had when we moved here.

A puppy, a couch and chair, and not much else.

And through the years we’ve added furniture, kids, 2 fish (RIP)  … and a whole bunch of stuff … but most importantly we’ve packed in a lot of love and laughter into these walls.

And we’re totally taking that with us.

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Cherie Hill - Oct 4, 2010

Oh boy sister . . . can I empathize! We’ve sold 3 houses in the past 7 years and it is EXHAUSTING. Here’s one for you . . . I had the house SPOTLESS and while they were showing the house, my husband was going to take my boys fishing at the lake, so he put a hot dog weenie on the kitchen counter . . . only when we got to the lake, he realized he had forgotten it! OH MY GOSH! I could not believe it! “Here’s our imaculate home with a hot dog on the kitchen counter!!!!!” I freaked out! Anyway, I zoomed back to the house and LUCKILY they had not arrived and I walked in and sure enough there was the weenie! I tell ya . . . life is funny!

Praying for the QUICK sale of your home! AND that’s God will bring you peace and joy as you trust in His plans.
In Christ,
Cherie - Oct 0, 2010

Ok. You made me laugh out loud, again! And, I admit, I too wanted to see your closet!