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The closet cleaning didn't go well ...

First of all, a big thank you to Christopher Columbus for finding America and providing the day off for many an American.

Unfortunately Bill Baerg was not one of those Americans with the day off which was a bummer for me.  Because I like having him around.

Except when he makes me clean my closet.

Which is exactly what he did on Sunday and is why, come Monday, I was so grateful to old Chris Columbus because, let’s be honest … I needed a break after that exercise.


The man was relentless.  I came up with every excuse in the book for why another day would be better for the closet cleaning.  He told me it looked like my closet had thrown up and if we are ever going to sell our house, the situation would have to be remedied.

He had a point.  A very valid point.

I just didn’t really have the skills or personal fortitude I needed to make it all happen.

Until he forced me.  Basically he said I couldn’t come out of our room until it was finished.

HOSTAGE SITUATION is what I almost posted on facebook, but thought it better that I not for fear someone would show up and actually see the mess that was my closet.

So I pulled out, culled through, organized, spruced up, you know … tried to make it look like I don’t use it!

I did draw the line with color coordinating my clothes which is exactly what Bill Baerg does with his clothes.  I think it’s good if I hang it up … putting it back in it’s proper color rotation is a little over the top if you ask me.  (Caroline actually inherited the clean closet thing from Bill.  Her closet is a thing of beauty.  Mine … not so much).  Every now and then I’ll hang up one of his, let’s say, blue shirts in the orange section … just to spice things up.  I’m annoying that way.

Throughout the afternoon he found me:

1.  Playing Words with Friends on my phone in the closet.

2.  Telling him I needed a nap … it was like tiredness was overtaking me.  Begging for a nap … and I’m not even a napper but on Sunday … I felt the need.

3.  Sitting in the corner of my closet wondering how it had gotten that bad

4.  Wondering aloud what the rest of the world was doing that was more fun that cleaning out a closet

But alas, I persevered.  I completed the task set before me.

Kind of.

There is still a stack of “rubble” if you will that I don’t know where to put.  That is my project for this afternoon.

After I play Words with Friends.

So, home buyers of the world … come on by … my closet looks good.

And I don’t know how long it will last … so please HURRY!