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72 hours later ...

This is how it went down ….

1:00 Bill and I go to the title company and see this sign:

It was official.  We were closing on our new house!!

Bill looked a little pale during the whole thing and I asked him several times if he was doing o.k.   You know … needed oxygen or anything.  :)

We both signed 4,722 dotted lines … then I had to sign them all again because I hadn’t added my middle initial even though she had told me to do that.  I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a detail person, right?!?

2:00 Bill and I go “celebrate” by going to Einstein Brothers for a sandwich.

2:30 Bill leaves for the airport to go to Dallas.

3:30 Title company calls and has the keys to the house … owner signed later than we did due to a late arriving flight.

4:00 Savannah asks me if we can “go home”.  It is music, sweet music to my ears.

5:00 Take Jacob and Savannah to new house!!

I wish I had a picture (actually I do but it was taken on the camera that needs cords and well … who knows when we’ll ever see those again), but literally within a minute of getting there four neighborhood kids ran over and asked if they could climb our tree and 30 seconds later there were SIX kids perched like monkeys hanging out of our magnolia tree.  One kid shouted … WE LOVE THIS TREE.  I think they’d been wanting to climb it for a long time and trust me … that tree is OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

It was a sweet moment.

We walked around inside for a second and then realized Savannah was about to be late for her dance class so we buzzed down the street to drop her off.  On the way back I stopped and dropped off a bag of donations for Boys and Girls Country, a charity in Houston.  When I got back to the house I realized I couldn’t find my keys.  I had locked the twist lock on the back door and had no way to get back in the house.

I called Bill later that evening and told him I had good news and bad news.  The good news was that our kids loved playing with everyone and it was so fun and so good.  The bad news was that I had lost the keys.  All five of them on a key chain with the country of Ireland on it.

I figured they would show up.

24 hours later … still no keys.

48 hours later Bill breaks the glass on the door trying to get in.  He kept telling me he could NOT BELIEVE that his very first home improvement project in the new house was to fix the door he had to break in to in hopes of finding the keys.

Unfortunately there were no keys in the house.

72 hours after losing the keys I told Bill … “my project for today is to find those keys!”  I had already alerted the Boys and Girls Country organization because I wondered if they had fallen into the donation bag.

The first place I looked was my purse.  I literally stuck my hands in the pouch that holds the phone and THERE THEY WERE … Bill saw the whole thing.  The funny part (or not so funny, depending on how you look at it) was that I had already looked in my purse three times.  And it is not a big purse and it is really clean right now.

But here’s the deal … and I hope you don’t think I’m trying to rationalize it away (I KNOW it was crazy on my part!) … but those weren’t our keys.  We kept saying that it was really putting it into perspective for us.  That house is God’s house … we’re only there to open the door.

But we do need the keys to do that … and so we’re really glad we found ’em!!!!