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There has been some drama ...

On Monday we were supposed to close on our house at 3:00.

Turns out we didn’t.

More than a little drama!  I will spare you the gory details but suffice it to say  Bill and I had to do a little good cop/bad cop with the mortgage company …. and, for the record, I was the bad cop.

We are now set for Thursday.  Eek!  We’re about to have two houses.  I was reading to Bill last night about worry and how we shouldn’t do it … you know the whole … “Do not worry” theme in the Bible …. and all Bill could say was “Preach it Sistah!”

In other news, we have a cool Dodge Ram 450 white truck in our driveway.  It has a backseat and it is awesome.  Bill rented it today to drive to San Antonio on business.  Tonight he picked the kids up from church in it and THEY. THOUGHT. IT. WAS. THE. BOMB.  Bill let them ride in the back down our street and he might as well have said “let’s take this ride to Disney!”  It was hilarious.  Caroline really, really wants a truck for her 16th birthday (is that a Texas thing because I most definitely didn’t want a truck on my 16th birthday?).

In fact, I got a yellow Volkswagen convertible when I turned 16 and it was THE COOLEST CAR OF ALL TIME.  My friends and I drove everywhere in it.  I had to buy my own gas and if I didn’t have any money, they’d chip in.  We once scrapped up a whopping 27 CENTS to get that car up and down “the drag”.  It was always a good time.  The stories I could tell …

Anyway … Bill gets to keep the truck until tomorrow and I think Jacob might not be able to sleep tonight anticipating riding in the big white truck in the carpool line tomorrow.  I’m just happy to have the morning off!

That is about all my news.  Brittany placed 12th (out of A LOT) of girls Saturday at the South State Gymnastics meet so she is an alternate.  Her coach wants her to go because if two people get scratched, she is in … we’ll see.  I’m proud of you Babs  … “you went a long way baby!”

Last, but not least, real butter is now following me on twitter.

I think that is hysterical.

That’s all folks~