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In the meantime, I've been enjoying other blogs ...

It’s been a long week here which may or may not explain why I haven’t posted … at all … this week.  I’ve written several things in my head - which I’m fairly sure will stay there for eternity.

One thing I do want to mention …. because I’m so proud of him! …. is that Bill Baerg was the featured “speaker” from our family this week.  I told him that of all the speaking opportunities I’ve ever had, his was the one I think I was most nervous/excited about.  A group at El Paso Corporation (where he works) asked Bill to come speak on “Faith in the Marketplace” and tell how he integrates his faith with his work.  The flyer said … “You don’t want to miss this!!!” … and I didn’t want to miss it, but sadly, they did not invite me.  :)  I know he did great though and am grateful that, for as long as I’ve known Bill, he has lived his life in a way that makes him the perfect speaker for that type of event.  I’m totally not surprised that they asked him.  And I’m totally proud to be his wife.

I did tell him I wanted a consulting “fee” though when he wanted some pointers.  :)

Anyway, as Bill always tell the kids when they do something great … G-O-O-D  J-O-B, Good Job, Good Job!

One of the things, besides my “consulting work” that took up my time this week was taking Caroline out to her high school volleyball varsity play off match.  The coaches required the freshman team to be there.  Due to an accident on the freeway leading out there … which SHUT THE FREEWAY DOWN, we pulled into the parking lot just as someone called to tell us the last match was over.  THREE solid hours we sat in the car.  But, I have to say, it was a really, really good three hours.  Other people had offered to take Caroline and trust me, I had some A LOT of other things to do, but I also felt like she and I hadn’t had much time to “hang” lately.  And so there we sat … for THREE hours … hanging out.  At one point I said something about the other things I could be doing and then after I thought about it said … “but you know, I wanted to hang out with you and this is as good a place as any” … and she said … “that’s more like it mom”.  And anyway, even if we hadn’t stopped and recovered from the trip with a peppermint milkshake … it still would have been the best three hours of my week.

Now then, although I haven’t written any blogs this week, I have read some that I thought were really, really good.

And so … just in time for the weekend, I thought I’d post a couple of links in case you are looking for some good reads for your “free” time.

The first one is from one of my faves, Big Mama, who is very, very funny.  About every six months or so she’ll write something not funny but totally from the heart.  This post is so good.  I’d like to describe it to you but the best thing I can say is just read it.  Please and thank you.

The next one is from Pete Wilson.  He is a pastor in Nashville (he was probably in about 3rd grade when we lived there!) who I think is incredible.  He wrote a book called “Plan B” which at some point … when I unpack the book … I plan on reviewing on the blog.  I LOVED it.  But the link to his blog is from earlier this week when he wrote about letting Scripture “sink in”.  He called it “soul searching Scripture".  I taught a Sunday School lesson a few weeks ago about “dwelling richly” in God’s word and I thought this was the perfect follow up.  Again … read it.

As an aside, I really hate that I linked Pete’s book to Amazon in light of their TERRIBLE decision this week to sell a really horrible book on their website.  They have since changed their minds but it’s too little, too late in my mind.  UGH.  It has made me wonder if I am ready to cross over to the dark side of getting a Nook (or an Ipad!!) for Christmas.  It seems like it would be oh so easy and fun to do but I REALLY, REALLY love the feel of a book in my hand so I’m conflicted.

What about you … do you have a Nook or Ipad that you use to read books?  Thumbs up or down?

Because it’s just about time to make my Christmas list you know!

Have a good weekend!