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My phone has a camera ...

Remember Chris Sligh, American Idol - Season 6?

I’m a big Idol fan … or probably should say was … since Simon is leaving I just really don’t know that it will be all that great to watch anymore… but I did love it and loved Chris Sligh back in the day.

And tonight he came to do a concert at our church that was great, even in spite of the fact that his smoke machine caused the smoke alarm in the church to go off multiple times.  It’s true.

It so cracks me up that Chris was kicked out of Bob Jones University for going to a 4Him concert.  Here is a guy that took the gifts God gave him and put them on a very public stage and is continuing to use those gifts for Him. Rock on Chris … rock on!

I was actually thinking about it as he was singing that there were probably some people there who don’t enjoy his type of music.  That got me thinking that I bet heaven is going to have a lot of different venues for musical preferences.  I mean, let’s face it, not everyone makes or likes the same kind of “joyful noise”. The funny thing was that while I was thinking about that he started singing a song called “make us one”.  So true, so true … God made us all so different and yet we are all made for the same purpose … to glorify Him.

Anyway … it was fun and I’m awfully glad my phone has a camera built in it.  That is the one thing I currently have a cord for!