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This, That and The Other

Just a few things …

For starters, I AM FREEZING.  SO cold here in South Texas! It was 22 degrees when I drove the kids to school today … and the “feels” like temperature was in the teens.  BRRR.  There is a chance of “wintry mix” tomorrow night which, if it cancels school, will make this cold weather bearable.  I would love a pajama day complete with hot chocolate and nowhere to go!

In other news, the other night our hamster escaped.  I have to tell you this … Bill has the patience of Job.  I can run into that man’s car no less than three times and it doesn’t flap him.  I can forget to make dinner or do laundry and I’m almost always running late … and he’s o.k. with it all.  BUT, the hamster?!  Well, the hamster may just be Bill’s undoing.

Caroline was standing in the doorway of the kitchen when she noticed Savannah’s hamster, Cookie, hanging out under the kitchen table.  She SCREAMED … “THE HAMSTER IS OUT!!!!!!!!” and I immediately start screaming like a crazy person.  I don’t even know why I was screaming like a crazy person, I just was.  Poor Savannah had been in bed for over an hour but Caroline went and got her out of bed to catch Cookie.  In the meantime Bill was yelling for someone, ANYONE to throw a towel over the hamster.

No one did that.

As soon as Savannah appeared in the doorway, she heard Bill say … “we’re getting rid of the hamster” or something to that effect which caused Savannah to burst into tears.  I told her we weren’t and so she put on her gardening gloves (so the hamster wouldn’t bite her) and caught Cookie.

I guess all was forgiven because the next morning she jumped out of bed and gave Bill a big hug.  Which really, in my opinion, she should have been hugging me because it was me that spared that hamsters life … but perhaps she was just so grateful that Cookie had made it another day and wanted to ensure he made it another.

Which, speaking of Cookie making it another day, he should have a very long life if the amount of time he spends on the running wheel in his cage is any indication.  I mean he runs enough to be in PEAK physical condition.  I, on the other hand, just listen and feel guilty that I’m not running too.

Maybe once it gets warmer.

Or maybe not.

Also,  Jacob and Savannah are having an exceptionally hard time making it to school on time.   Brittany is convinced it is because Savannah is “so stinkin’ slow!".  (Savannah is slow but honestly it is because she truly enjoys every moment of everything she is doing.   Problem is she seems to get lost in that enjoyment.)  Yesterday they actually made the bus and I thought that might be the solution to our “on time troubles” but then today we missed the bus.  Brittany blamed that on the fact that I made scrambled eggs and bacon but really …   IT’S FREEZING COLD AND THEY NEEDED A HOT BREAKFAST …. and I forgot to get up earlier to make that work.

So anyway … this mornings lateness may or may not have also been the result of:

Brittany not wanting to wear a coat.  She told me she had “Minnesota blood in her veins” so she didn’t need one.  Ironically her dad, a full blooded Minnesotan, left the house looking like Nanuk of the North.  Jacob acted like his coat had knives in it when I made him put it on, but he actually wore it.

Savannah was o.k. with the coat situation, but took her time trying to convince me that the “Yo Crunch” that she had requested I buy (because that is what everyone else gets in their lunch!), had yogurt in it while “everyone else’s” had ice cream in it.  Yeah, ice cream in their lunch boxes that doesn’t melt.  There was NO convincing her of it … even when showing her the container that says YO-Crunch … not Ice Cream Crunch.

Maybe I do want those kids to go to school Friday after all.  :)

Can just the moms get a snow day?  Please?

Last thing … and I think this is so funny!!  When I type my name into an iphone or apple product, it automatically changes my name from Darla to Drama.  When I type in Baerg it changes it to Barge.

So, if you get an email or text from “Drama” or “Drama Barge” … it’s really just me.

Stay warm!!