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You win some, you lose some ...

Last weekend was the final weekend for basketball (which is my favorite sport to watch my kids play).  Brittany’s team has done pretty well all season but got to playoff week and choked.  Savannah’s team has not done well all season and ended up taking home gold (in the silver division) on Saturday.

There is not a one of us (coaches, parents or players) who ever would have imagined during the season that the girls would make it to the championship, much less win it.  They were seriously the Bad News Bears of Basketball!  Saturday they played better than any little team I think I’ve ever seen play.

The funny thing is, our coach didn’t even go to try outs/evaluation.  He decided to take what he had and there was at least one player who had never played before.  It was so fun to watch their improvement throughout the season and even more fun to watch them win the big game!

Way to go Lynx!!

Sadly, Jacob’s team … which has been undefeated for 3 years … lost their final game on Saturday.  Talk about a bummer!  So, our family had both extremes on Saturday and just like in life … you win some and you lose some.

But win or lose … it sure was fun to watch their games!