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I'm nothing if not spontaneous ..

So sorry that posting to this blog was interrupted by a bout of the flu.  We just kept falling one by one and now Bill is in bed not feeling well.  SO hoping he doesn’t have it because it is awful.

I told him last night that there was a point during the week that I felt so badly that I couldn’t remember what it felt like to feel good.  Then last night, lo and behold, I started to feel better.

When I blogged last, Bill was gone.  When he came home he (literally) found me laying on the bathroom floor.  SO sick.  So while everyone else was getting cards and chocolates and the like from their Valentines …. I got a Sprite.

And I have never loved a Valentine’s gift (or my Valentine) more in my life.  I was so thirsty but couldn’t drink water and it made me feel SO much better.  Bill’s Valentines card is still somewhere in my purse.  Maybe I should find it before Easter.

I did get him a gift.

Kind of.

It was this:

Is that not THE cutest face you’ve ever seen?!

Yes, that’s what I thought too when I saw the lady selling maltipoo puppies as I was driving home from church last week.  I had given Bill Looper for Valentines 17 years ago so I thought it was perfect!

I forgot the part about how Bill usually calls these  dogs “fluffy white rats” (rude, I know).

I also forgot the part about how he says he never wants to own a dog whose haircuts cost more than his (and he goes to TGF people …usually on Mens Night when it’s like $9, I’m not joking).

I think I might have also forgotten the part that we are moving beginning this week into a house with no liveable downstairs and brand new carpet upstairs and no fence and …. well, you get the picture.

It’s just not a good time.

It was hilarious because Caroline (aka Voice of Reason) kept saying … “mom, the dog is adorable but I just don’t think this is a good time.  We can get one later'.

I think I wasn’t really listening.

But then Bill came home and said the same thing and I remembered her mentioning it.

Really here I just have to ask … Bill, Caroline … WHERE IS YOUR SPONTANEITY?!".  When I asked them they said they were just more practical than me and I said “well, I’m  more fun” because it was WAY fun pulling into that parking lot on two wheels and picking out a dog!

But I digress.

The bad news was that 24 hours after I got her I had the full out flu and could barely take care of myself, much less my dog.

Oh, and many people asked what Bill’s reaction was when he saw her and it was this … “What part of getting a dog right in the middle of our move did you think was a good idea?”.

And I couldn’t think of anything.

So a few days later I put her sweet mug on facebook:

And in about 5 minutes had 4 firm offers.  So relieved!  She is going to a great home and will get lots of love and attention and as a bonus, she won’t have to dodge movers or shuffle around boxes.

We are going to miss her:

And if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got about 17,000 boxes to pack … give or take a few.