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No time to eat ...

A week or two ago I was doing what I always do  ….  getting the kids off to school and racing around preparing for workers to show up in my house.  I didn’t exactly make it because I still had my pajama top on when they arrived.  I threw on a jacket and began my day.  (I did go change after I answered a few questions … not to worry!).

I went from thing to thing.  Answering questions, meeting with contractors, driving out to pick up some chairs and raced back for a 1:00 appointment that didn’t show.  During this, I realized I was hungry and hadn’t eaten and sadly noticed I had no bread for a sandwich.  I hoped, as I opened the freezer door, that there would be something I could microwave, but there was nothing.

I kid you not … at the EXACT time I was standing with the freezer wide open, lamenting my lack of food and inability to leave to go get something, a sweet friend knocked on the door and said … “You’ve probably already eaten, but I brought you lunch/dinner.”  Chicken salad, croissants and this TO DIE FOR chocolate cake.

It still took me another hour and a half before I could eat it as two more appointments showed up but when I did … oh it was good.  Delicious.  It hit the spot … it was just the refreshment and nourishment and encouragement I needed … at exactly the right time.

Scripture mentions Jesus not having time to eat either.  Mark 6:30-32 says:

The apostles then rendezvoused with Jesus and reported on all that they had done and taught.  Jesus said, “Come off by yourselves, let’s take a break and get a little rest.”  For there was constant coming and going and they didn’t even have time to eat."

Constant coming and going?  Sounds familiar.  No time to eat?  I was there.

And I think all of us are faced with constant coming and going.

And we have to take time to stop and rest.

We have to get some refreshment, some nourishment.

I love that it was Jesus who suggested it …. “let’s take a break and get a little rest”.  It wasn’t the disciples wanting to slack off.  It was Jesus who knew it would do them all some good.

Does me good too.

Does us all good.

And seriously, that chicken salad was delicious.