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Text much?

Earlier this year our school district implemented a policy where middle school and older students could use their phones at lunch and in between classes.  Most people didn’t (don’t) like the policy but I absolutely love getting texts from my kids during the day.

I don’t really hear from Caroline much (except today  she did send me a text from her DRIVING lesson at school that said “Mom, I’m amazing at driving.”  I hear from Brittany more often.  She tells me what she made on tests or asks me what her snack is going to be when she gets home. Super important stuff like that.

The other day she sent me several texts right in a row.  It started like this:


(As soon as I read it I immediately remembered that I had indeed forgotten to even make it),


“You forgot to put lemon juice on my apples”.

(Again, I meant to look for the lemon juice but forgot).

Next …


I laughed and laughed when I got that one although I did worry that she might be right.  I knew when I gave her the pretzels that I hadn’t seen them in a long time meaning they probably were pretty stale.  Plus it was the day after the primer was sprayed so I did worry a little bit that the smell had infiltrated into the pretzels … but what could I do?  Sounded like it was already too late.

The last message I got said … “Mom, what were you thinking this morning?  You are going to have a lot of explaining to do when I get home!”.

That is funny stuff.  I did call her and ask her if she wanted me to bring her a sandwich but she said “no”.

Then later in the day I got one last text … “Mom, the only good thing you put in my lunch today was the water”.

Well, at least there was that, right?!

Yesterday I got another text about lunch.

It said … “Left my lunch on the bus”.

And when I looked again I saw that it was from BILL.

Hilarious (and so unlike him).  It was the first time he has taken his lunch in ages which is probably why he forgot.

Then I felt badly that I wasn’t offering to bring him a sandwich.

But at least I made his!


Enjoy your day and enjoy your lunch!

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The Nichols Fam - Apr 2, 2011


Lyn - Apr 3, 2011

A very entertaining read. Thank you for sharing

Molly - May 1, 2011

Texting used to be off-limits, due to the horror stories I have heard about astronomical phone bills. But we just got unlimited family texting and, as the momma, I am LOVING getting texts from my kids. I am seriously trying to figure out how to copy them into their scrapbooks . . .