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Easter Bunny Gone Wild ...

Easter was a fun, relaxing day around our house.  After church we went to Pappasitos  - because nothing says Easter lunch like a fajita and some chips and salsa now does it?  Our friends the Pauls (who also have four kids - so we need a table for like 20) came too and the kids got to do an egg hunt there.  The Easter bunny who wears a sombrero and a Mexican blanket wasn’t there this year which was about twelve kinds of wrong for me.

But the (mama) Easter bunny did come to our house.  In my post move “I’m never buying more of anything we need” phase, we had lean Easter baskets.  A chocolate bunny, a little candy and a few things for Jacob and Sav from the dollar area of HEB.

One of those things happened to be a “whoopie” cushion.

Bill thinks the (mama) Easter bunny should never shop at the dollar section of HEB again.

It was the hugest hit with Jacob although the fact that he was still chuckling in church over how he “really got dad” when Bill sat down at breakfast on the cushion (which makes “not so nice” noises) was probably not very Easter like.

In fact, at one point during breakfast Bill mumbled something about not understanding where the Easter bunny shopped this year. He wondered aloud when and why the Easter bunny had gone wild and even suggested that perhaps the Easter bunny was a little crazy.

And maybe that is true, but the (mama) Easter bunny laughed her head off when Caroline … at 11:00 last night, laid down on her pillow only to find the whoopie cushion under her pillow.  I heard … “MOM!!!”  “MOM!!!!” and when I got upstairs she was holding it in her hand with a slightly amused/slightly annoyed smile on her face.

And even the (papa) Easter bunny cracked a smile.