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Thank you El Paso Energy ...

Saturday morning Bill declared that after 15 years of not attending the El Paso company picnic we were indeed going this year.  We went the first year we moved here … you know, back when we didn’t have kids and sports schedules and birthday parties and all manner of other things to do on Saturday afternoons.  Hard to imagine now those days where we woke up and wondered what we would do that day.  Anyway … back to the present … we loaded up and went to the Houston Oaks Club, and can I just say …. we had a fantastic time.

The weather could not have been more beautiful … I mean really it was perfect.  There were parts of the day I felt like I was in the movie Truman or something … everything seemed exactly as it should be …. the sky was a beautiful blue, the grass was a gorgeous green and the kids loved every minute of it.

After a wonderful barbeque lunch, we hit the water.  (figuratively speaking)

Just the fact that they had kayaks made the day great for me.  I tell Bill on a regular basis how much I miss Tahoe and the  kayaking day we had.

The girls enjoyed these bicycle boats:

The little boys watched some big “boys” playing ball:

And all the kids took a turn on the jumper thing (for lack of a more sophisticated term):

And perhaps best of all … you could have as many ice creams or fruit bars as you wanted.  Like NO limit.  We only had two but still … no limit!

Well done El Paso … well done!  Thanks … we had a great time!