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A list of sorts ...

1.  BIG Bear didn’t work.  Jacob gave it a go but ended up in a pallet on the floor before the night was over.  Looks like Big Bear might be making the long trip back to Costco.

If you have any advice, feel free to pass it along.

2.  Baseball season ended on Friday night.  So enjoyed watching this boy play ball:

3.  We bought two rocking chairs for the front of our house.  We put one of them together.  I will leave it up to you to decide if Bill:

A.  Questioned my reasoning skills in not paying the extra $20 per chair to have it assembled at the store.

B.  Tossed a hammer down in complete disgust during what was supposed to be an “easy assembly” job.

C.  Only got one of the two chairs assembled even though it was supposed to be a “quick project”.

D.  All of the above.

This might be considered cheating, BUT THE ANSWER IS “D”.

It wasn’t pretty.  But I did rock in it tonight and it didn’t fall apart (despite it lacking one screw because one was stripped when we were assembling chair #1).  Between you and me, I’m not bringing up chair #2 for quite some time.

Maybe never.

4.  I taught Sunday School today.  I absolutely love teaching Sunday School.  And because I was up ALL.NIGHT.LONG with a cough that won’t stop, Bill went to McDonalds and got me a large Diet Coke before church.  THAT IS LOVE BABY.  TRUE LOVE.

5.  We got doors on our kitchen cabinets.  Tomorrow’s “homework” is to go pick out new counter tops.  And … as much as I’ve missed the sink … I’ve also missed my counter tops.  I currently make lunches, cut apples, etc. on a round end table that is about “not very many” by “not very many” inches.

Can’t wait to start looking … right after I sit in my rocking chair and wait on the school bus to drive my babies off to school!

And I’ll probably have a Diet Coke while I wait!