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Crazy, but true ...

I’m not a do-it-yourself -er.

I’m not married to one either.

It’s great because, for the last several months,  there have been workers around to help me hang mirrors, fix this or that … and t0 loan me tools when I hung the lamp in this room.

Lately I’ve read blog after blog about the wonder of “Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint”.  My sister found a supplier in Houston and so I decided to give it a try.  The “magic” is that you don’t have to prep the furniture.  At all.  No sanding, no nothing.  It’s true, you just start painting.

I sent my sister a text before I started telling her how terrified I was.  She told me to “just do it” and so it began …

I decided to start small with an inexpensive stool I bought at Walmart.  It fits perfectly under our island but wasn’t the right color.

A little chalk paint …

and viola:

Once I had my confidence, I decided to try it out on a little side table that Bill’s aunt had given to him for his first apartment.  This scratched and worn little table has moved with us each and every time.

This time I decided to go for something a little different so I mixed the “old white” with “Duck Egg blue” and got started:

Bill came in after we finished painting and COULD NOT BELIEVE we painted on brand new hardwood floors with just some newspaper down.  I told him it was 157 degrees outside and he reminded me that our laundry room is still concrete.  My bad.

But the table … well I think it turned out quite nicely.

When you finish the painting you rub the pieces with a clear Annie Sloan wax.  It goes on super easy and takes no time at all.  I am going to go back to the paint store to get the darker colored wax to go over this clear wax to give it the stained look.

Two thumbs up on the Annie Sloan paint!

***I’ve gotten several questions, so here is an addendum.  The paint came from Wonderfaux Studios in Sugarland.  You can order from them online and they will ship it or the shop is just off 59.

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Donna - Aug 4, 2011

May I inquire where in Houston you found this paint? Is it easy to find?

Darla - Aug 4, 2011


The paint is at Wonderfaux Studio which is in Sugar Land just off 59. They ship too and it is very easy to order. :)

Mina - Aug 5, 2011

It looks great!

Cami - Aug 5, 2011

Thank you for posting that! The reason I put off painting projects for furniture is because I don’t want to sand. I’m giving this stuff a shot!