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Maybe tomorrow ...

I still haven’t taken a back to school picture of Caroline.

Tomorrow is Day #4 of the new school year.

Mom of the year,  I know.

I did snap a pic of these two on my phone:

Caroline left at 7:10 (thrilled that her new ride to school wanted to stop at Starbucks on the way) … and raced out of the door without a picture.  Bill took the other three in the traditional “front door” shot but the pictures are on the camera that is upstairs.  I can’t go upstairs because they stained the wood on them today and we aren’t really supposed to be walking on them at all - which is tricky because there are four beds up there … this is my life.

Mornings are now complicated by the fact that Brittany is trying out for the middle school volleyball team and has to leave by 6:10 am.  Whenever the alarm clock is set with the number 5 as the first number, I cannot be expected to be on top of my game (and it will be this way until November).  SOOO early.

And speaking of being on top of my game … I meant to write a post about the ending of summer 2011.  I wanted to share how much I loved this summer and the memories we made and the fun things we did and how I felt we truly savored every sweet second of summer.  But instead we went to a movie - which turned out to be a very fitting ending to our summer.  Although I still haven’t developed our pictures of our dolphin swim trust me … it will forever be on the highlight reel of my life.  Forever.

And so when I got an email asking if I, as a Houston blogger, would like to bring my family to a pre screening of “Dolphin Tale” I jumped at the chance!  The funniest thing was that later I learned it was for “Houston home school bloggers” and I’m not sure how they confused me for a home schooler but they let us in anyway.   Enjoyed the movie … especially the ending.

I’m a sucker for dolphins:

So, I’m back to carpooling like a crazy person and filling up virtually all the white space on the calendar.  And I will post some pics.

Maybe tomorrow.