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My Lords and My Ladies

As I mentioned, there was more partying to do before Jacob and I rounded out Birthday Bash 2011.

I mean … I hadn’t seen my parents yet!

So, Saturday morning (with camp trunks packed in the Suburban), we headed north to Dallas and met up with my mom and dad.  I have wanted to go to the Medievel Times for years and years.  Even when we lived there I wanted to go but am glad I waited until we had kids to take with us (and my mom and dad).

Our hotel was literally right next door so we walked over and they dressed us up like this:

It made me laugh.  Bill was a joker, my dad looked like the pope and Jacob … well, he was so cute!

This picture is too light but I still like it.

We wore our crowns for dinner:

We all enjoyed it:

And after a swim in the hotel pool and a McDonalds sundae, we called it a wrap.

Until next year!