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Such an exciting 10 seconds ...

Jacob has LOVED playing soccer this year.

If you are thinking to yourself .. wait, I thought he was playing football …. well, you’d be right.  He’s doing both.  We’re nuts.

I prefer soccer.  Lots fewer injuries.  But alas, he wanted to play both and we’re doing church league soccer which is very low key.  I love it.  It’s the exact opposite of football which is … practice all the time.

Anyway … a week or two ago Jacob made a goal.  I wasn’t there (volleyball tournament) but another mom caught it on film and Bill told me all about it.

My two favorite things about the video are:

1.  I showed it to Jacob and told him he should show his sisters.  He said … “well, can I fast forward through the part where I fall down?”  (maybe he does take after me a little bit after all!).

2.  The chest bump with his best friend Josh after the goal …. watch them walk all the way back to their places.

The chest bump is Jacob and Josh’s favorite part of the video too.

I love boys.