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Now where was I?

The other day entered into google maps the address of a restaurant where I was meeting Bill for lunch.  The restaurant was downtown but it routed me to Nebraska!  Totally cracked me up.  I’ve never been to Nebraska and thought that would be fun but I also knew Bill would wonder what had happened to me.  I tried to do it again and it put me on a route to Atlanta.  Atlanta isn’t that far from the beach so that would have been REALLY fun but I’ve been to the beach twice this summer so I figured I should just put that out of my mind and try to find the restaurant on my own.

And that’s kind of like my blog.  I’ve had no idea where it was headed.  It has been almost four months since I last posted.  I had fallen off the bloggy wagon FOR SURE.  For some reason I was feeling all contradicted about blogs.  I love having one to recount my life and my stories but I also didn’t want to miss out on my life because I was writing down all the stories.

At the same time as I stopped writing, I stopped reading blogs.  I’ve only glanced at a few since my last post.  I haven’t even checked our home answering machine messages since March (If you really want me, you’ll call my cell, right?).  It’s true.  Too many devices, too many messages to check … and so I checked out.

To be honest, I was also kind of worried that I was on my way to having more internet friends than real friends … and I love internet friends, but I crave face to face friends.  The kind that call you on your birthday, the kind that show up at your door, the kind that want to meet for lunch or come over for dinner.

And so here’s what I’ve decided after my blogggy break … I like to blog.  I like to write stories.  And you already know I LOVE to laugh.

And I want to maintain friendships both online and off.

So feel free to follow along if you like.  If you don’t have time … I more than understand.   It will be a little hit and miss until school starts …. for two reasons.  The first is that the four children I’m responsible for feeding are ALWAYS hungry.  And they eat A LOT.  The second reason is that I want those same four people to know they have a fully engaged mom raising them … not a blogger.  So once school starts I will blog even more.  For the first time in seven years I won’t be teaching any college classes this fall.  Although I’ll miss the students and the real world outlet, I think a break will be nice.  I might even try to plan out a weekly menu of what to feed those constantly hungry kids.  I want to go to lunch with friends and maybe play tennis again.

Oh, and if the meal plan happens, it will be a modern day MIRACLE.

And you’ll be the first to know.

If you are one of the people that has asked about the blog … thank you.  You’ve been an encouragement to me.

Now where was I?